Here is your upbeat dish of the fresh headlines in the Newspaper across the country. The presentation style and the unique used of metaphorical expressions stand ‘ASAYAN IROYIN’ out amongst other Newspaper Headlines shows on radio.

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The beautiful use of the Yoruba language garnished with wits and humour from the experienced team of presenters, makes ASAYAN IROYIN a programme that commands a wide array of listenership on RadioLagos107.5Fm. Tune in everyday between 6:15 and 8:30pm.

The audience her cuts across all ages especially those desirous of getting the latest developments on Current Affairs translated into fluent Yoruba.

Meet Our Presenters : Yomi Oyebade & Peter Olayinka

Olanrewaju Olatunbosun & Temitope Aremu Olaoluwa

This programme prides itself as one of the biggest indigenous programmes to ever grace the Broadcasting airwaves of the south western region with listenership volume increasing across Lagos, and suburbs of other states including, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, and Kogi

Ojutaye is that your magazine Breakfast belt on Radio such that affords you a variety of offerings from News and Current Affairs Analysis, Guest Interviewer(Including top notch politicians and entertainers) Musical Entertainment, Debates on topical and trendy issues amongst others. Ojutaye nhas hosted Governors of States, Special Advisers, Ministers, Nollywood Artistes, Music Icons, Budding Artists, Captains of Industry(Local and International) as well as notable brand names across the manufacturing industry.

Testimonies abound of personalities and brands that have featured on Ojutaye.

With variety of presenters and producers on this show, listeners have overtime associated with the characters and roles the presenter play while on the show, hence names like Kabiyesi, Olori-Americana, Honourable, S.A, Omo Eko-Ilero O-Baby constantly enjoys appreciation from their teeming audience who cut across both young and old irrespective of their educational background.

Our Presenter on this show include: Bose Akinremi & Olanrewaju Olatubosun

Sola Adekola & Joel Yetoyan

Bolajoko Osinuga (OhBaby) & Peter Olayinka

This is rather upbeats belt of programming uniquely design for those caught in home-bound traffic, to ease their journey with musical and entertainment.

The belt majorly spiced with upbeat and fast paced musicals as well as intermittent traffic reports, soft teasers and banters for the listening pleasure of the audience.

Audience engagement on this belt is rather unique as the listener is believed to have been away at work al day hence, wants to get home as early as they could by helping them navigates through the hassles of traffic gridlock. The use of humour and entertainment come in handy on this show.

Get a feel of DELELAYO Vibe from 5:10pm – 6pm  Mondays through Friday.

Our Presenter on this show include: Bolajoko Osinuga(OhBaby)

Funmi Omoboriowo

Bose Akinremi

Deola Orisile

After a lond day’s job, the hustling and  bustling of the typical Lagos life, the listener sure needs a companion.

Hence, KASUNLAYO comes with soothing tunes to calm the nerves, and rock you to sleep.

The belt also appeals to the social media audience of Radio Lagos, who get to enjoy varying spices of traditional music with different genres served each day of the week.

Catch the Serenades of KASUNLAYO stretch at 11:15pm – 1am daily.

Expected Presenters on this show are: Bolajoko Osinuga

Adeola Orisile

Idiat Lawal

Bose Akinrenmi


AWAYE is a discussion/Interview Programme centred on transportation issues. Expert on all areas of transportation such as Road, Marine, Air and Rail are interviewed to discuss salient transportation issues.
We interview relevant stakeholders on the field of discourse.
The main objectives of this programme is to chart the way forward for the transportation sector in Lagos State.


EKO AKETE is a magazine programme happenings in Lagos, the funfair and well being, it has segments like interview – where a guests is interviewed on a particular topic trending in the state.
The voice of the people are also played and their opinion on such topic is voiced. There is also a segment for health tips on eating well and living healthy lifestyle.
Catch up with EKO AKETE every WEDNESDAYAS from 16:30 – 17:00
Presenter on this show is: Adeola Orisile


ABD OLOWE is a Yoruba proverbs oriented programme on Radio Lagos(107.5Fm) Tiwa-n-Tiwa Amititi.
Yoruba proverbs are examine on weekly basis for analysis and explain to the audience based on contextual meaning and relevance to humanity.
The programme(ABD OLOWE) recorded is a 10minutes duration that goes on air every Tuesday with a repeat broadcast every thursday within 15:4th hour – 15:55 hour. ABD OLOWE has a six years existence history on our station. it is presently anchored by Temitope Aremu Olaoluwa.