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05 February 2020

U.S. Senate’s top Republican exhorted fellow senators on Tuesday to acquit Trump in his impeachment trial

The U.S. Senate’s top Republican exhorted fellow senators to acquit President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, warning that the fate of the republic depended on it, even as his Democratic counterpart accused Republicans of a cover-up.

The partisan rancor in the dueling speeches by Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer underscored the wider polarization in the country over Trump’s impeachment on charges arising from his dealings with Ukraine.

McConnell urged the Senate, controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans and expected to acquit Trump in a vote on Wednesday, to stop what he called the Democrats’ abuse of power in impeaching Trump in the House of Representatives.

Schumer said the president himself, not impeachment, was the threat to democracy in the United States and that in blocking Democratic efforts to hear witnesses in Trump’s trial, Republicans were hiding the truth.

McConnell who expressed surprise at the Democrats’ decision to impeach Trump, said his acquittal was assured.


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