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01 February 2020

Lagos Commissioner highlights importance of transport management.

Effective Transportation Management in any society is a very important aspect of governance.

Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Empowerment, Yetunde Arobieke, stated this on a programme
on EKO FM while speaking on the commencement of full enforcement of the extant Transport Sector
Reform Law which bans the operation of Motorcycles and Tricycles in six Local Governments, Local Council Development Areas, major highways, bridges and listed roads in the state, beginning from tomorrow.

According to Arobieke, the government was committed to improving Transportation management system in Lagos as the security and safety of lives and property of Lagosians was paramount.

Arobieke said imperical evidences on the menace of Okada and Tricycles which included over speeding, robbery and nefarious activities, made it imperative for government to take a proactive step on their operation in the State.

That was Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Empowerment, Yetunde Arobieke.


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