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27 December 2019

Sanwo-Olu spends Boxing Day with General Hospital patients

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Thursday, visited the Paediatric, emergency and orthopedic wards of the Lagos Island General Hospital, Broad Street, to celebrate Christmas and Boxing Days with the in-patients battling various health conditions.

While at the hospital, the governor chatted with the patients, cheering, encouraging them and also prayed for their recovery.

Sanwo-Olu also toured facilities of the oldest general hospital in Nigeria to ascertain the level of work done on the renovation of the Accident and Emergency ward building.

The governor said his visit, which has been a tradition even before he came into political office, was to share memorable moments with those in the hospital at a time when others were in a joyous mood at home.

He said: “Christmas offers us an opportunity to spare a thought for the infirm. We need to share moments like this with them so that they also can feel the greatness of the season even though they are not entirely fit.

“We must also remember that this season teaches us to love, compassion and selflessness. While the majority of us have our relatives and friends with us to mark Christmas day, we need to understand that several families are in pain because their loved ones are battling various ailments at the hospital. So, it’s no Christmas for these people because they need to be with their ailing family members.

“On a day like this, I thought it necessary to identify with these families and celebrate with them. I believe this gesture will cheer them up and give them reasons to be happy. We hope that the little we have come to share with them today will strengthen them to get out of the sickbed quicker and better.”

The patients, who were excited to see the governor, prayed for him and the well-being of his family.


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