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25 November 2019

Chief Whip says Senate may amend death penalty clause in Hate Speech Bill.

Nigerian Senate may amend the proposed death penalty clause in the Hate Speech Bill before it.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, who made this known in a statement in Abuja, assured that the death penalty proposed in the bill would be amended by the Senate when it was subjected to legislative input at the National Assembly.

Abdullahi, the Deputy Chief Whip in the Senate, said the bill would undergo some fine-tunings to ensure that its provisions reflect Nigerians’ views.

He added that the Senate would welcome contributions and inputs by critics and supporters of the bill, as the awaited law would address the disturbing trend of hate speech.

According to him, hate speech which has led to the death of many, has also being a major factor behind depression and suicide in Nigeria.


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