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07 November 2019


Nigeria’s Senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawan has vowed that the Ninth National Assembly will insist on accountability and transparency in the power sector, particularly in the application of funds proposed for it in the 2020 budget.

He lamented that Expenditures have been made in the past, but no commensurate results from the expenditures, describing the situation as worrisome.

According to Lawan, it was glaring that a few companies were milking this country dry, insisting that time has come for Nigeria as a country to get value for money.

The Senate President noted that the kind of money sunk into the power sector would not only provide light for Nigeria but also the neighbouring countries.

Against this backdrop, Lawan stated that the Senate and House Committees through the instrument of oversight would ensure the prudent application of all funds channelled to the power sector.


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