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18 October 2019

Don jazzy, popular Nigerian musician says “We’re not living our best life in Nigeria”.

Nigerian Singer, record producer and founder of Mavin Records, Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, has said that he is not living his best life.

The music mogul took to his Twitter handle to denounce the living standards in Nigeria.

Don Jazzy revealed he was currently in Berlin, Germany, complained about the poverty in Nigeria, saying that as a result, he feels helpless about the general hopelessness in the country.

In a series of tweets, he said Nigerian’s standard of living is just ‘Sad’.

“I am not living my best life,” he tweeted.

“We are not living our best life in Nigeria. No matter the amount of money you have. You will still ball mediocre balling in that Nigeria.

“You will have money and you will just be seeing people suffering and your money no go sweet you spend. Our standard of living in Naija is sad o ahhhh. It’s not fair.”

His series tweets has generated mixed reactions among his fans. Many interpreted it to be politically driven while others see it as the truth which must be told. When asked if he was not in the country, this was his reply.

“Yeah I’m in Berlin. But I normally feel this way when ever I leave the country. No matter the country I go to. Small or big, I just get ashamed for us”.


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