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10 September 2019

House of Reps Deputy Leader Pushes for Early Minimun Wage Implementation

As Nigerian workers continue the long wait for implementation of a new minimum wage signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari on April eighteen this year, there is an assurance of support for them in case they are planning to seize the bull by the horn to get justice.

The rare support is coming from a renowned labour leader who is a third term member of National Assembly, Peter Akpatason who says there is no justification for the delay in payment of the new minimum wage, after it was given effect of law six months ago.

Speaking in an exclusive interview after his investiture as an Assistant Commissioner for Administration and Finance of Lagos State Scout Council, the Deputy Leader of House of Representatives’ explanation said it was unacceptable that any level of government should delay.

Akpatason hoped that both government and other employers of labour would pay the arrears whenever the implementation of the new minimum wage came into effect; adding that the National Assembly would support labour in any action it eventually took on the


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