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09 August 2019

Eritrean government forces students into indefinite military, government jobs

A new report says Eritrea’s education system continues to force students into indefinite military or government jobs, making many to leave the country to avoid it.

An eighty-seven-page report released by Human Rights Watch today portrays Eritrean secondary education as a conscription machine that subjects students to forced labour and physical abuse as they are groomed for indefinite government service.

According to the report, despite a peace deal with Ethiopia in July 2018, which inspired hope for reform, the government, headed by President Isaias Afwerki since 1993, had not enacted meaningful changes in the system.

The Horn of Africa country, home to nearly four point five million people, had previously been condemned by the United Nations for abuses that included extra-judicial killings, torture and slave-like conditions for citizens.


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