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16 August 2018

NAHCON records ninety-one flights to accelerate 2018 Hajj operation.

National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, has accelerated transportation for this year’s Hajj with thirty-five thousand, one hundred and eighteen pilgrims now in Saudi Arabia to beat the authority’s twentieth of August date for Arafat.

Report says the airlines operated more than six flights to Madinah yesterday, recording a total of ninety-one flights since the exercise on the twenty-first of July from Abuja.

Fifty-five thousand Nigerian pilgrims are expected to perform the Hajj in the Holy land.

The latest flights from Nigeria transported additional one hundred and forty pilgrims from Kebbi with one hundred and thirteen males and twenty-seven females while, Sokoto also flew in additional one hundred and thirty-one pilgrims to Madinah for the exercise.

The armed forces team has also arrived in Madinah under the leadership of Colonel Abubakar Sadiq.


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